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Albuera 1811 – The Electronic Archives: Portraits

Edited by Guy Dempsey

This section is a collection of portraits of individuals who fought at Albuera.

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Almost all pictures of Marshal Soult used to illustrate accounts of Albuera show him as he appeared in late middle or old age since he was a prominent government figure after the Napoleonic Wars.  This portrait from the Victoires et Conquetes series give a more likely sense of his appearance at Albuera. Marshal Beresford, engraving by R. Young after portrait by W. Beechy, from J. Wilson, A Memoir of Field Marshal the Duke of Wellington (2 vols., London 1853-54).  The image depicts the marshal as he appeared just after the close of the Peninsular War.  His blind eye is not particularly evident.  (Author's Collection)




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