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Smoothbore Ordnance Journal

Smoothbore Ordnance Journal

Chairman of the Editorial Board
Digby Smith

Dr. Stephen Summerfield
Loughborough University

Welcome to the Smoothbore Ordnance Journal that is a regular feature of the Napoleon Series website.

The aim of the Journal is to provide a variety of translations, biographies, commentaries, documents and other material related to technical aspects of artillery and weapon systems of the period that has often been overlooked.

Other technical subjects such as engineering, logistics, horses, bridging, and sieges may well be covered as they were important to the education of any artilleryman of the period and to the successful operation of artillery. Just a glance at the contents of the contemporary artillery texts will show the breadth of the subject.

  • Adye (1801-27) Bombardier and Pocket Gunner,
  • Gassendi (1789-1819) Aide Mémoire a Usage des Officières des France ,
  • Muller (1757-1780) various manuals on Artillery and Fortifications
  • Royal Engineers (1850-60) Aide Memoire to the Military Sciences
  • Tousard (1809-13) American Artillerists Manual

The reader is invited to submit to me the results of their research in the form of articles, translations, reviews, documentation, commentary, imagery and other related items.

Thank-you for visiting the Smoothbore Ordnance Journal and it is hoped this will spark interest in this fascinating subject.

Writer’s Guide

The Napoleon Series, which is home to this publication, has developed a Writer’s and Format Guide, which provides potential contributors with much useful information on preparing their work. It also makes the work of the site editor much easier; all contributors are encouraged to follow these guidelines.

Dr Stephen Summerfield

Issue 1: August 2010
Issue 2: December 2010
Issue 3: March 2011
Issue 4: June 2012
Issue 5: July 2012
Issue 6: March 2013
Issue 7: October 2013