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What’s New

What’s New

May 2021

More instalments of the Germans under the French Eagles, translated by Greg Gorsuch:

The Soldiers of Hess Nassau: Operations in Pomerania

The Germans Under the French Eagles The Soldiers of Hesse and Nassau Chapters II & III

Review of Wellington’s Favourite Engineer John Fox Burgoyne: Operations, Engineering, and the Making of a Field Marshal

Review of Napoleon’s Women Camp Followers

April 2021

Review of  US Soldier Versus British Soldier (Osprey Combat Series No.54)

Review of The Daughters of George III: Sisters & Princesses

Review of Wellington’s Infantry, British Foot Regiments 1800-1815

Review of Marshal William Carr Beresford

March 2021

Obituary for Richard Tennant

Review of Glory is Fleeting: New Scholarship on the Napoleonic Wars

Within this review will be found a special discount code from Helion, that will give you 15% off the purchase price when ordering the book from their website.

Review of The French at Waterloo Eyewitness Accounts: 2nd and 6th Corps, Cavalry, Artillery, Imperial Guard and Medical Services 

Review of The Danish Army of the Napoleonic Wars 1807-14 Volume 2 Organization Uniforms & Equipment Cavalry and Artillery

February 2021

More instalments of the Germans under the French Eagles, translated by Greg Gorsuch:

The Germans under the French Eagles Chapter I: The Soldiers of Hesse and Nassau

Review of The Duke of Wellington in 100 Objects

Review of Neither Up Nor Down: The British Army and the Flanders Campaign 1793-1795

January 2021

Review of  Wellington’s Light Division in the Peninsular War, The formation, campaigns & battles of Wellington’s famous fighting force 1810

Review of  The Great Waterloo Controversy: The Story of the 52nd Foot at History’s Greatest Battle

More instalments of Our Allies the Bavarians, translated by Greg Gorsuch:

Appendix V: Memories of General d’Albignac

The Germans under the French Eagles VI: The Soldiers of Hesse and of Nassau

December 2020

Review of Napoleonic War Veterans Buried at St. Saviour’s Church, Jersey.

Review of The Light Division in the Peninsular War 1811-1814.

Review of Admiral Lord St. Vincent: Saint or Tyrant? The Life of Sir John Jervis.

More instalments of Our Allies the Bavarians, translated by Greg Gorsuch:

Uniforms of the Bavarian Troops from 1805 to 1813

Appendix I: On Generals Deroy and von Wrede

Appendix II: Capitulation of the fortress of Plassenburg

Appendix III and IV

Appendix VI: Bavarian officers killed in the service of France

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Table of Contents

November 2020

Review of Revenge in the Name of Honour: The Royal Navy’s Quest for Vengeance in the Single Ship Actions of the War of 1812 by Nicholas James Kaizer.

To accompany this review, Nicholas has submitted a very interesting article about the Life and Career of Novo Scotian Provo Wallis, Admiral of the Fleet.

Highlights for 2020

George Nafziger has very kindly provided his complete Napoleonic collection (of over 1,600 OOB’s) to the Waterloo Association who have arranged for it to be placed on the Napoleon Series website to ensure that it is maintained for the future. Use the link below to access the collection:

The Nafziger Collection of Napoleonic Orders of Battle

Gareth Glover has added many new memoirs to the section: British Memoirs of the Napoleonic Wars.

The drop-down menu lists all the sections here, to which Gareth has made additions, plus there is a brand-new India section and the infantry regiments section has many new entries.

This is a very useful research tool for those studying the British soldier of the period.

Updated again 20 June 2020 following the launch of the ‘Free to Access’ Online Archive of Letters and Journals from the Napoleonic Wars by the Waterloo Association. Waterloo Association Online Archive